Once upon a time 


roamed the earth 

the curative and magical 

properties of plants 

animals birds and stones 

runes on the eternal ocean 


ecology of our extinction 

discussed around the dinner table 

the first image I see when I wake up 

Kim Kardashian falling asleep in the ocean 

on ecstasy 

suspended by buoys 

Pills for sleeping while waking 

I’m a spiritual kindergartener 

I confess 

I’ve learned to worship the lies 

You’ve loved the best 

Green marzipan razzzzberry jam 

garish insects glistening in my palm lines 

making afterlife notes for my ancestors 

I tear me to pieces 

then bring them back to life 

My dewy other self in a green 

and orange grove 

I wrote... 

What I meant was...

I’m relaxing into my decay 

in chemical colors 

A poisonous gas cruises 

the continent 

Another article about bees dying off 

Fields of clover, unhumming 

O god of the stagnant water 

All the things I believe in are wrong 

And I know it And yet I still have as much power as the people who hate 

Thank you Rob Brezsny for letting me use lines from the videopoem "Bombs and Prayers"